Mascoma Bank

"Mark and Chris have been super when it comes to talking with customers about LOMA's and Elevation Certs, etc., which has been a huge help to me. Their positive attitudes and expertise are a great asset to us as well as to our customers. It's super working with them! Great service, great people, great personal attention, helpful, offer the LOMA assistance to our customers...I could go on and on. I love them! They worked very hard on getting our custom plug-in set up for us and I can always reach Mark and/or Chris whenever needed. Each time I call or fax them something, they're very quick to respond and always there ready to help." Christine Morin, Senior Vice President, Loan Administration

First Seacoast Bank

"First Seacoast Bank has enjoyed a partnership with GC Engineering for over five years. We greatly appreciate their prompt and friendly service and have been quite pleased with the results of their work." ~ First Seacoast Bank

Piscataqua Savings Bank

"Piscataqua Savings Bank has enjoyed working with GCE over the past seven years. Our bank has used them exclusively for all of our flood zone determinations because of their excellent service and NFIP knowledge. GCE supports us with more than just flood zone determinations. If a flood determination is contested, documentation is provided to support their determination. Also, they add value by assisting our clients with elevation certificates, Letter of Map Amendment filings, and flood insurance. These are things you just can't get from a large national flood zone determination provider." -Rick Wallis Executive Vice President/ Senior Loan Officer

Meredith Village Savings Bank

"Meredith Village Savings Bank has used the services of GC Engineering for many years. We enjoy keeping our business relationship local with a company that exceeds our service expectations and goes above and beyond to assist us in delivering quality service to our borrowers." Vicki D. Davis, Vice President, Lending Operations and Compliance