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Flood Insurance

Purchasing Flood Insurance usually comes as a surprise to most homeowners that are purchasing or refinancing a home. As a result it can become a contentious issue. What can make matters even worse is a Flood Insurance Broker that is not familiar with the rules of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and therefore can create a conflict between what the bank requires for coverage and what the Broker is claiming the customer needs. This can create confusion and ill feelings. Using G.C. Engineering for your customers Flood Insurance coverages helps alleviate these awkward situations. With the peace of mind of knowing that your customer will have the proper coverage in the proper zone without hassle or conflict will help make the closing go smoothly. You can also be assured that all aspects of the NFIP will be explained clearly and simply in a language everyone understands. Because Flood Insurance in a participating community is purchased through the federal government our premium rates will be the same as any other insurance company, thus eliminating the need to shop around for the best rate. Our policies also come with the best customer service around. Give us a try today and see the G.C. Engineering advantage firsthand!